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Team Yani Affiliate Program

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The “Team Yani” Affiliate Program pays you money for every customer that you send to TheAuthorYani.com that purchases eBooks or paperback novels. You can send customers to TheAuthorYani.com from your website, email or other advertising you use such as social media networks like Facebook, twitter, etc. When those customers purchase novels from TheAuthorYani.com, you will be paid at 25% per item purchased. Which means if a customer visits TheAuthorYani.com from the link you placed on your website and they decide to buy five paperback novels at $15 per novel for a total of $75.00, you will receive a commission of $18.75! 

How does the “Team Yani” Affiliate Program work? 

As an affiliate, you will put creative buttons, banners or links on your website and/or blog, email or social media posts. When someone clicks and visits TheAuthorYani.com and purchases a paperback or eBook, you will receive 25% of any item they purchase! If you recruit any affiliates who signs up under you, you receive an additional 10% of any purchases from customers they sent to TheAuthorYani.com! For example, if you recruit another person who signs up, naming you as a referral, and they sent a customer to TheAuthorYani.com who spends $250, you receive $25.00 of that amount just for recruiting that affiliate! (That amount is NOT taken from the affiliate you recruited, they still make their 25% commission) 

1) Enroll in the “Team Yani” Affiliate Program by filling out the attached application and emailing it back to teamyani@theauthoryani.com. 

2) Post the links and/or banners and buttons made available to you once your application has been accepted 

3) Earn affiliate credit from the traffic and sales generated from the links, banners and/or buttons added to the sites, or social media.

Will commissions for Affiliates ever increase? 

Yes, there is room to increase your commission. For affiliates who are sending the most traffic to TheAuthorYani.com that results in total sales of over $500 in a month, your commission will be increased to 30% per novel or eBook sold. For affiliates sending traffic that results in over $1,000 in sales per month, your commission will be increased to 35% per novel or eBook sold! For example, if all of the traffic you’ve sent to TheAuthorYani.com resulted in $585, you would receive your 25% commission for the first $500 which is $125 and for the remaining $85, you will receive a 30% commission of $25.50 for a total of $150.50! If the traffic you sent to the site resulted in $1,200, you would receive $125 for the first $500 earned, $150 for amounts $501-$1,000 and $70 for the remaining $200 which is a total commission of $345! 

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the application below and click submit. Your application will be reviewed and a response will be given in 24 business hours. Once you’ve been contacted letting you know that your application has been approved, select one of the affiliate banners (or feel free to design one of your own) and attach it to your website. You can also place your affiliate link in Facebook, Twitter or in your emails. Questions and concerns If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an email to contacts@theauthoryani.com and a response will be given in 24-48 business hours.

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