Terrors From Beyond
Terrors From Beyond
eBook Edition 

by The Author Yani (Author)
eBook Edition

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Three chilling, thrilling and suspenseful, nail biting urban horror and paranormal short stories, scaring the hell out of you! "If I Should Die Before I Wake", tells the story of a young lady trapped in the house that was once occupied by herself and her friends. Now her friends are no-where to be found, but someone is definitely in there with her. Before her very eyes, the house changes from the cozy hangout to the nightmarish realm from hell and she isn't sure if she's asleep, awake... or worse.
"Revenge of the Necromancer"- When Lydia discovered her telekinetic powers, she deemed herself a weird freak that wouldn't fit in with the other kids her age. But the lure of another power makes her realize that she is a lot more unique than she originally though. The first time Lydia raised the dead, it was by an accident. But now she has awaken something more than just the dead...
"The Elevator"- what is a good horror book without an urban legend? One that sends chills through your body as it manipulates your mind and tears away at your sanity? Who is Elevator Tommy and what does he want with the three teens in Oaklane Heights Apartments? The three teens play around with the urban legend and their joke almost claims the life of their friend and also sets Tommy free from the confines of the elevator where he claims his victims. Press the number 6 three times on the elevator while saying "Elevator Tommy" three times and he'll be the last thing you ever see. This story will leave you feeling much safer taking the stairs!

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