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Check out what readers have to say about novels by Yani!!

    A Thug's Redemption Reviews:

"Oh my GOD! This book was sooo good! Yani took me back to the days when I
was in high-school and would hang with my friends. Being from the same city
the book took place in made it easy for me to imagine some of the scenes as I
was reading it. I loved Jamal and how protective he was over his brother and
his friends especially the love he had for Tamera. But that damn Deisha! Ugh!
She got on my damn nerves! I was so glad when Jamal smacked her in her
mouth, not that I'm for men hitting chicks, but she was asking for it. All in all it
was a good book. The ending had me so deep in my feelings like, yo I felt that in
my SOUL! Good job, Yani! I can't wait to read the next one!

J. Barnes- Philly

"Yani showed that urban fiction and thug type stories doesn't necessarily have
to be about drugs, money, name brand clothes, violent guys and promiscuous
hood-rat smut jawns. The street life ain't a game and Jamal learned that the
hard way at the end of the book. For every action there's a reaction no doubt
but Karma is a b*tch smh. This book was lit and I'm definitely putting my
 family and friends on to it.

Krystal- Trenton

"The book started off crazy but had me dying laughing the Shawn played
Khalil while they were free-style battling on the corner outside of the store.
It slowed down a bit, picked up, slowed down, kinda like a roller coaster
ride. I wouldnt call this street fiction because it didn't have a lot of grit and
grime like some of the other books do. But I like the way the author showed
how a group of friends all can have problems at home for different reasons,
but their friendships and relationships is what help them make it through all
of the craziness. It's relatable because that's how me and some of my friends
were- just trying to make it out the hood.

Vince M.- Brooklyn

    A Thug's Redemption 2: Jamal's Return

"Yoooo!! Yani started this book off with the drama and action and it was on
and popping from there. Everybody was getting it in this book! Even Keisha!
Samir was a ruthless bastard with zero fucks to give. But D-Ball!! I loved
that dude man. He said "fuck this, I ain't going out like no nut!" pulled both
burners and started cutting them niggas down! Much better than the first so I
tip my hat to Yani because it's rare that I read a book series that gets better
with each book. The ending got me hype for part three. I hope she don't
make me wait too long for the next one!

Cheryl - Philly

"Yani was cold for this one. Love the way this series is coming together. I'm
so glad that Shawn and Chanda are still together because they were just
so cute. Samir is just that bastard you love to hate. He always got some
slick shit to say out of his mouth but he backs it up though. That book was
everything. The shoot out at the funeral had me about to lose my breath!
"You tell that fuckin cop he can either bring Samir in tonight or fish his
body out the river tomorrow!" Dammmnnnn!  D-Ball was serious about
his business!

Vince M- Brooklyn

"No lie when I say I read this book in one day. Every time I said alright
after this chapter, I'm going to go do what I gotta do. But every chapter
that ended had me like damn I gotta know what happens next! That
ending was crazy! MAD CRAZY! If you haven't read this book series yet,
you better cop this jawn quick cause Yani pen game is LIT!

Patricia - New Orleans

    A Thug's Redemption 3: The Wrath of Andre

"So I started the series off all wrong because this was free on Amazon
Kindle. I'm about to go back and read the other ones so I don't feel all lost
LOL. This was a good book. No grammatical errors, a smooth read, drama
suspense and action. I like this new author. I'll definitely support anything
else she puts out

Avid Reader- Cali

"Thug Redeemed!! I love the way this series ended even though I'm sad that
it did. I would love for this author to do more stories with Jamal, D-Ball
(that's my nigga!) Andre, Shawn and Tiffany. I like the way Yani writes, she
have you so deep in your feelings. One minute you cracking the f*ck up, the
next minute you about to cry and then another minute you really about to
have a heart attack. LOL! I need another book with these characters Yani
Hook me up!

Cheryl - Philly

"This series was so good! Each book was better than the first. I honestly
can't say which one I liked more though but I definitely reccomend this
series to every reader who loves urban fiction. I feel like I grew up with
Jamal and his friends and I like how Yani took a trip down memory lane
from things that happened in part one to things that happened but wasn't
written in the books. Andre was no joke and D-Ball as usual was on point
when it came to having Jamal's back. I'm glad Jamal found love again
and that was dope how Deisha raised her glass to him when she noticed
he took the chain off that had Tamera's ring on it because it reminded her
of when she finally took Raheem's chain off when they were younger. This
series was trill. Go Yani!

 J. Barnes - Philly

    Obsessive Intimacies

"This was the first book of this author that I read but it definitely won't be
the last. I saw so much of myself in Tierra with everything that I've been
through in past relationships. I ain't even mad that she got some payback
d*ck. She made it hard to hate Markel because even though he was a
cheating bastard, he was so funny and loved his family so much. And
Darnell was out of pocket but tooooo funny. Definitely a page turner and
those sex scenes were CRAZY!! I hope this author writes some more erotic books.

Nerd Girl - Ohio

"I loved this book! Tierra should've left Markel's little cheating ass. But I
definitely agree with what she said about it being easier said than done.
When you love somebody it's hard to walk away especially when you have
kids with them. I thought it was going to be the typical love triangle but Yani surprised me. Definitely a page turner.

Linda J - Richmond

"This book was hot! You can't help but respect Darnell because he knew he liked having a variety of women and had no intentions to settle down unless it was with Tierra and he didn't front like he wanted anything more than some ass. LOL! Markel could learn a thing or two from him honestly. Good book. I can't wait to see what this author writes next!

Francine - Houston

Love's Deadly Masquerade

"This story hit very close to home for me. I heard in a radio interview that Yani did that she never experience physical abuse personally. Well she nailed it in this book. The psychological damage, the way your self-esteem goes down to nothing and you begin blame yourself for the abuse you are subjected to. SMH Page after page I found myself talking to the Vanessa in the book as though she was sitting next to me. Wow. Five Stars Yani. You did that.

Faith- Tennessee

"I've read books where authors tried to throw in plot twists and it threw the entire story off or just didn't make sense. But Yani's plot twists literally had me saying Oh Sh*t while I was reading. The vivid details in which she wrote the way Eric was beating the hell out of Vanessa and what he did to the other girl had me feeling so bad for her and wanting to kill his ass. I love her writing style and I'm definitely checking out the next book.

A. Cassidy- Alabama

"It's amazing how our parents relationship can have an effect on us whether it's good or bad. That's why they say be careful what you expose your kids to. Maybe if Eric hadn't been forced to watch his dad beat up his mom, he wouldn't have felt like that's what he had to do to Vanessa. He preyed on that girl and hunted her. The cold calculating way that he came after her was crazy. Yani didn't leave any room to breathe with this book because as soon as you were calming down from one  part of the story, something else even crazier was happening. And how about that ending!? I love how she pulled in a couple of the characters from A Thug's Redemption. I heard she's doing a spin-off to that series. I can't wait to see what she cooks up next

Cheryl - Philly