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    Yani is currently the author of Five Amazon Best Sellers. Her urban fiction book A Thug's Redemption gave her the confidence as an indie author to strive for greatness when it reached the top 100 in African-American/Urban. As readers and fans craved for more, falling in love with characters such as Jamal and Tamera, while developing combined feelings of love and hate for the mouthy Deisha, Yani added two more books, making it an explosive, action-packed and drama-filled Urban Fiction Triology. Wanting to take a break from urban fiction, Yani decided to try her hand at romance & erotica and penned her fourth novel, Obsessive Intimacies, which quickly shot to the best seller's list in Amazon Kindle for Romance and Erotica and averages a Five Star rating!
    The love that Yani receives for her books all have many things in common, but the main thing readers now crave from this amazing author is to have these books turned into movies. The need and desire to see these flamboyant and raw characters on screne is so strong among readers, some are already invisioning who would play various roles! And while it is no secret that Yani has wanted that for A Thug's Redemption, it has sparked a desire to see that dream through and she is now on the path towards making that happen. (Stay tuned for those details!)
    Yani is the mother of three beautiful children and she resides in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. She has taken on writing as a full-time position but spends her down time playing the piano as well as teaching her oldest child, Destiny, to play the piano as well. Yani is also an avid reader who enjoys the work of fellow indie authors of urban fiction, but has taken a particular liking to Laurell K. Hamilton's "Anita Blake" series. She enjoys laughter, traveling, old skool hip-hop and R&B and is known for taking a page from Meredith Grey's philosophy (Grey's Anatomy) of "dancing it out". She's just completed her sixth novel A Thug's Life Revisisted, which she wrote in nine days and it is available for pre-order under the Coming Soon tab. You can find preview copies of her novels as well as Ebook copies for Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple, Android and all other handheld devices can be purchased directly from this site as well. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Reading!
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